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The manager of African Queens’ Hair Salon is fully committed to her work and as such aims to provide quality service to each and every client. Having lived previously in Ghana, New Zealand and now Australia, Mary is trained and equipped to manage both African and European hair. She stands out in her craft with a diploma in hairdressing: acquired at Servilles academy, and has been trained in various styling models. Amongst these include colouring, straightening, perming, and permanent straightening. Additionally she does hair extensions as well as braiding.

Mary has undergone a comprehensive study in advanced trichology and therefore knows the chemistry and physiology of the hair. Thus, she is professionally trained to know the products suitable for particular hair types in order to prevent any chemical damage. She familiarises herself with typical colouring and lightening problems, enabling her to know their causes and suggests remedies.

Mary is very competent as she is continually aiming to accommodate all the needs of her cliental.