Hair Braiding

Do you ever find yourself waking up in the morning wishing you didn’t have to untangle all that hair? Well with braids all you need to do is get up and go. If you want it long or short, big all small, you can get it all. You’ll look easy going, relaxed and professional at the same time. This low maintenance cost saving approach will definitely fix you up!

Hair Colouring

Being Servilles trained, hair colouring is something we are experts in, we have a great variety of colours and do stunning highlights too! Pop in and look at our colour book, or just call and we’d be happy to help you!  You wont regret getting your hair coloured with us!


If you want something easy and natural that will make you cute and modern, why not get a perm. I promise you won’t even want to go back!


Unisex Hair Cut

We are experts in both women and men’s hair cuts and styling. We do basically everything to suite your needs, you’ll find your self walking our with a new look in no time! Soon you’ll find yourself wondering why you hadn’t come by earlier.